Location: Qingzhen No.1 High School > Oganization
Department Duty Person in charge Main administrative department
Administrative Center In charge of  administration management and promotion, etc. Wang Zaifa Vice Principal Administrative Office
Director: Chen Sufang
Teaching Management Center  In charge of regular teaching and management of teaching and researching, etc. Chen Liao Vice Principal Academic Administration
Director: Zhang Siyu
TEL: 825522256-8012
Teacher Development and  Curriculum Development Center In charge of further education , researching and development school-based curriculum, and subject study, etc. Li Ling Vice Principal School-based Curriculum Study Office, Subject Study Office
Director: Chen Man
TEL: 82522256-8058
Moral Education Center In charge of moral education, student management, and enrolling new students, etc. Huang Kezhong Vice Principal: Student Affairs Office
Directo: Yao Wenyan
Deputy Director: Long Lizhao
TEL: 82522256-8010
Party Affairs Center In charge of Party affairs, Teachers' virtue , ensurance and supervision, etc.  Mei Zhengping Vice Party Branch Secretary  
Logistics service center In charge of
school finance, property management, maintenance, canteen management, etc.
Xue Zhongxing Vice Principal Office of General Services
Director: Zhang Ping
Faculty Members Service Center In charge of assertion of rights, service, supervision, administrative affairs open to the public, etc. The Labor Union President Han Jing  
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