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Qingzhen No. 1 High School was founded in 1939, a year filled with flames of wars in Chinese history. Its predecessor was "Zhongshan Class", which was set up by the Fourth Teacher Corps belonging to the Ministry of Education. At that time, hundreds of teachers and students went towards southwest and settled down to start the Zhongshan Class. So far, it has a history of over 70 years, and during the development of those years, our school has already formed the school spirit: "open up with courage; work with perseverance; study with persistence; dream with braveness". We follow the school motto: "UNTO A FULL GROWN MAN". We cultivate a large number of talents for the country, society and the development of QingZhen City with our unremitting efforts. Our school has also got rapid progress in the process.

In 2001, based on the future development situation, the school put forward the plan of area expansion and address exchange so as to achieve the goal of becoming provincial model high school, which was greatly supported by Qingzhen municipal Party committee and government. After several years of hard work, the school relocated at the existing school site in September 2004. In May 2005, after Guizhou Provincial Education Department made assessment on our school from the aspects of running conditions, educational philosophy and characteristics, school management as well as teaching quality, our school has become the provincial model high school. Since then, the school's development has come into a historical turning point.

Our school has more than 5 000 students and 356 faculty members, among whom are 72 high title teachers and 100 intermediate professional title teachers. Their average age is 39 years old. In addition, six teachers are postgraduates, four teachers with master degree, sixty-three teachers with graduate certificates, three hundred and four teachers with bachelor degree or above, among whom there are a great number of leading English teachers.

Our School covers an area of 139 acres, with beautiful circumstances as well as advanced facilities. The development of the school is greatly promoted by multi-media classrooms, audio-visual teaching rooms, multi-functional classrooms, closed-circuit monitoring system, intelligent broadcasting system, and other first-class teaching facilities.

After becoming the provincial model high school, our school promotes a greater development from work management. Through active exploration and constant improvement of large-scale school management mode, with the purpose of being "strict, practical, excellent, accurate, active, all-round", we have made the school management to step on a new step. At the same time, the school strengthens the development of three teams, --the team of  leadership, head teachers, and leading teachers. With strong cohesion, high teachers' morality, and excellent teaching ability, we are deeply loved by students and trusted by their parents. In recent years, our school has made satisfying achievements, especially contributing to the rising number of students admitted into universities from year to year. Our school has already been ranking among Guiyang large-scale schools.

Our struggling spirit will go on forever, and the pace of development will not stop. Nowadays, we are exploring the way of profound development. In order to adapt to the development of the times and cultivate all-round talents needed by the age ,our school focuses on fostering a high moral standard as well as scientific and cultural qualities of teachers and students. To lay the foundation for their lifelong learning and personality development, our school holds the educational idea of "following the rules, making the comprehensive development ", targeting at" enhancing the cultural connotation of our school to become a learning paradise as well as a spiritual home for teachers and students. In this way the construction of school characteristics has been promoted, leaving Qingzhen people proud of Qingzhen No.1 High School.

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